Power Mining Pool – residual income every 3 hours!

With Power Mining Pool I earn on average 0.06 to 0.07 Euros every 3 hours with my 1 share of 50 Euros = about 0.50 Euro per day = 15 Euro per month – it should therefore take about 4.6 months to earn 70 Euros (140% gross or 40% being 20 Euro net) – can re-buy shares every 3.3 months to compound! Join FREE at: https://www.powerminingpool.com/index.php?ref=big5

It is free to open your account, then 5 Euro once-off admin fee that is added to your first Share purchase at 50 Euros per share and it pays 70 Euros – I joined on 10 January 2018 at 14h00 with 1 Share and admin fee at 55 Euros and at 15h00 I received my first commission payment and every 3 hours thereafter.

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