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1. Get Bitcoin

You need to get Bitcoin (BTC).  You can get started with as little as R500 (about $30) however if the Bitcoin in your Trading account is less than $100 (about R2 000), you will not get pais the full 10% referral fee to your Income Wallet, 50% will go into your Trading account until you get this to $100.  The end goal however is to top-up your Trading account to at least $200 (about R4 000) so that you can be Binary Qualified and also on your way to get Leadership Qualified to earn all available income.

It is now easier than ever before – you just send your Bitcoin to your unique address in your MTI Back Office under the Wallet Section (you firstly clich on the button to create your unique address, then copy this and send your Bitcoin to this address):

MTI Bitcoin Deposit Procedure


Binance has recently added 15 currencies including the ZAR making it much easier and affordable to purchase Bitcoin with your Debit or Credit card:

Click on image above or scan the QR Code below to register for FREE and to get started:

For further options, see:

2. MTI Registration link:

Please get back to the person who referred you her to get their registration link.

Please email me at [email protected] if you were referred by somebody else in our team and I will gladly assist you to get registered under the correct person.


Short video about new MTI funding and withdrawal option.