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The Opportunity...

* A minimum trading balance of $100 or about R2 000 is required to earn 10% referral commissions
* If you can only afford R1 000 or even as little as R500, you can get started. You will earn Trading Bonuses on the daily trading and thus increase your amount being traded. Until you have $100 in your Trading balance, you will earn 50% of the 10% referral income and the other 50% will be deposited into your Trading account.
* $100 balance in your trading account and 2 personals referrals (1 in each team) with same = Binary commissions
* $200 balance in your trading account and 2 personals referrals (1 in each team) with same = Leadership Bonuses
* Start with what you can - try at least R500 - you will retain your position and your Bitcoin will grow
* At our current growth you should double your investment in 6 - 8 months
* Just Get Started - you can only succeed OR make excuses, not BOTH!

Key advantages:
– No membership fees, website fees or subscriptions
– Full transparency: daily trading results in Back Office
– Passive income: on average 0.5% daily compounded
– Optional, but lucrative referral income
– No Packages or limited earning periods
– No costs, deductions or monthly fees
– No product to be shipped or auto-ship
– All transactions are in Bitcoin:
   you pay, earn & withdraw in Bitcoin
FULL Bitcoin investment goes to
– All earnings from trading profits – very sustainable

– Easy and fast withdrawals
    with no limits
– No withdraw fees, penalties
    or cost
– Full or partial withdraws
– Withdraw whenever you want: 
    sent to your Bitcoin wallet
    within 48 hours: 
    Mondays to Fridays

o Your Bitcoin is only touched to be traded.
o Peter’s Bitcoin is not used to pay Paul.
o ALL Payouts are from Profits generated in trade for that week.
o New members are NOT necessary to earn from trades or network.
o Bitcoin growth is achieved through TRADING not recruiting.
o Your daily trading profits is automatically compounded every trading day.
o You can withdraw whenever you please, no limit or withdrawal fees.
o No limit on trade income (No Cap) or on amount of 10% direct referral income.