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Markethive - Join us no cost and be eligible to receive 500 Markethive crypto coins in our upcoming Airdrop

The Platform?

Our Platform Includes:

Our Airdrops
Markethive Airdrops
Markethive will integrate an airdrop called the Infinity Airdrop. So in other words if you understand or you remember the history of PayPal and Dropbox how PayPal gave $20 to every person who signed up and $20 to every person that introduced that person to sign up, they went from just a couple thousand subscribers to tens of million subscribers practically overnight they are now a fifty billion dollar company because of that. That was the predecessor to the airdrop. There are other companies that are doing this now like an EOS and Tron and others and they have turned their coin to be very valuable coin because of these airdrops. Now their air drops are intermittent in sparse. Markethive is an infinity airdrop. Our first airdrop campaign is going to be 500 coins given to the people that have already joined and to all who join after the Airdrop is in place. There is a 100% matching bonus of those 500 coins to qualified referrers. So, if you prefer, if you’re qualified meaning you’ve upgraded to entrepreneur and you refer a thousand people to sign up into Markethive through your profile page you will earn 500 thousand coins.

Inbound Marketing - Markethive

Our Content Marketing

Our blog platform has developed over the years, last four years in beta and has high authority with Google. Our blog platform works with Groups so you can create collaborated campaigns.

Markethive has a blog casting feature. What does that mean? Other members of Markethive can subscribe to your blog and when you publish your blog it publishes out to all of their social networks.

Our blog comes with a WordPress plugin that goes into your WordPress website WordPress and every time you Blog in the Markethive system, it will publish to your WordPress Website as if you had published it directly from your WordPress Website.

Blog subscribe allows people to set up within their Markethive system 26 of their social networks and they can decide when they subscribe to your blog if they want to publish just to their Twitter feed,  their Facebook, their LinkedIn, their Pinterest, their Instagram or to all of them.

We also have a system called Blog Swipe. Blog Swipe allows you to look at somebody else’s blog and if they have authorized you, you’re able to push a button and turn it into a draft in your account and go in and edit it or to collaborate with it or curate with it and then we publish it back out as yours. This allows members in Markethive to be able to produce content and sell it to others.

When you create a group, write content, make comments and more, you will get paid micropayments for doing so. I will talk more about Universal Income and micro-payments in another post. By joining Markethive for free you will be eligible to receive 500 Free Markethive Crypto Coin when Markethive starts their Infinity Airdrop.

Our Email Marketing System

Our Email Marketing System has a 97.6% delivery into the inbox, unlike the others that you may know, tout that they give a 70-80 % delivery, whereas more than half that delivery is into the spam folder.

Markethive utilizes mail servers running from the Amazon cloud. Amazon demands perfect email practices. Therefore, our technology solution for attaining “leads” (Name, Email, Social Network, Phone, Source) is unique. We reject the old practice of a capture page with fields asking for “Name”, “Email”, “Phone”, etc. accompanied by a Submit button.

We utilize OAuth technology and have innovated a (patent pending) solution we simply call “One Click” submission. No fields to fill out, no “SUBMIT” button to push, no “instructions” to open your email client and retrieve the verification email and another link to click on to complete a process that is not secure, and guarantees a spam trap free process.

Our process offers a selection of popular Social Networks to subscribe with. One simply taps the icon of choice. If the prospect is already logged into said Social Network, the process is completed instantaneously. “One Click” means just that. In that simple one-click decision, you, the Markethive member, just received a truly verified batch of date (Name, Email, and Social Network).

In that moment of decision, the desired results are instant. In the notoriously abusive option, each action allows the subscriber to “not continue”. A Name and Email Field and Submit button equate to 3 steps, then navigating and opening the mail client, finding the verification email and clicking on the email link equate another 3 steps with a minimum of 6 steps, each step offering the potential subscriber, to reconsider and stop the process.

All of the above leads to the fact that our email system delivers 97.6% to the inbox and not to the Spam Folder.

With our email autoresponders, you can have an unlimited number of campaigns and you can have an unlimited number of subscribers. With all of the other autoresponder companies, the more successful you are the amount you have to pay each month increases. You get Markethive’s Auto Responder System for Free.

We also have an email broadcasting system so that any time you want to publish out to your database or to a selection of your different databases with lead categories you can. At any time you can refer back to your email broadcasting history so as to see the response to any particular email.

Is it time that you stopped paying those monthly fees to the Auto Responder Companies and get Markethive’s Auto Responder System?

Email Marketing - Markethive

Our Leads Funnel System

Markethive delivers to you one of the best capture page systems out there. There are companies that charge a lot of money, monthly, for a funnel system. With Markethive it is free. Capture Widgets so you could utilize our one-click sign up registration widgets within your WordPress or any websites that you build. We do the same thing with survey pages. We have widgets and API so you could set these up in Facebook or just utilize the survey page just like you do with the capture page.

The Profile Page is similar to Facebook and LinkedIn but it’s live all the time. The search engines can see it, anybody can see your profile whether they’re logged into Markethive or not, and it is up to you whether you want them to see it or not. You decide this in the Profile Page settings.

Anybody who lands on a blog that you’ve produced and they are not logged in to Markethive as a member it will prompt them to become a member, through you, in order for them to be able to comment. That is pretty typical and common in the industry.

Our Lead Management System

We give you the ability to categorize and organize your leads into different folders. You can sort them by the by geo sorting, social networks, email, phone, chat because our lead management system gets all of these things for you, especially the profile page.


When if comes to  SEO there is no better system out there. You can get almost get top positioning in Google almost overnight. Whether you create a group, your profile pages, capture pages, your blogs, all of them have permalinks. Your profile page has a link hub so you can hook all of your other assets into your profile page.

We have a thing called a backlink checker so will you plug in all of your different assets where they’re pointing to your primary site or wherever they’re pointing to our backlink checker will alert you if that particular site whether it’s Vimeo, Youtube, Delicious,  Facebook,  Wordpress or a forum someplace, our system will alert you if for some reason a backlink from those sites is not working.

Our Conference Rooms

There is a Calendar for Events. Our event webinars hook into your calendar so others will know that you are going to have a seminar. Our webinars are slated to have an avatar engine which means that you can set up an avatar that is completely and totally animated to the particulars of your voice. The eyes blink, faces contort and change and the mouth moves and talks as though it’s three-dimensional. Our webinar systems come with whiteboards and desktop share and they hook into your calendar. Here is another item you can stop paying as our conference are free and are part of the system.

Our System Tutorials

One of the greatest things that we have in Markethive is our Systems Tutorial Hub. This is an easy one step at a time lesson and we start out for the very simplest processes in Markethive, first of all, setting up your profile page. Each completed lesson earns you an accolade on your profile page and also earns you Markethive Coin and you must complete each lesson to unlock the following lesson. So in taking our tutorial hub, it’s as simple as watching a video, click on the link and go do what the video said and come back and now it’s activated. You get paid and you get the accolade and you go on to the next lesson. It’s very easy to do and it is also very rewarding.

Our Social Media System

Our Social Media System is a private social network and what I mean by that is we do not track you, we do not face recognized you, we do not drop cookies on you, it’s a private social network. We don’t even send out emails that have sprits in them that track whether you open the email up or not. We take privacy very seriously. We even set it up so that when you do your Know Your Customer, where you have to upload your upload your ID and stuff to prove you that you are you, that is completely encrypted onto a wallet that you download so that you control all of your privacy. We don’t.In our social media, we have group messaging, we have software-as-a-service integration of subscriptions, broadcasting, collaboration, ecosystem. There are no other social media out there that even compares to what we’re doing.

Our Campaign Management

We have a thing called the campaign management which keeps track of your advertising vendors, your backlink tracking, your advertising co-op, your account wallet, your website rotator and TinyURL.

So let’s talk about the advertising co-op. You can set a co-op within the Markethive system where other people can join your co-op by making payments to you. You keep track of the payments coming in and you charge so much for a share. A person wants to buy one share, three shares, five shares. When you’re all completed and you finish it activates the rotator which is that gives you a small address that you put into your ads you run your ads the ads then send traffic to that rotator which then rotates it accordingly to the shares that you sold in your co-op.

Our Accounts Wallet 

This is an encrypted wallet within Markethive that keeps track of all of your accounts out there so if you’ve got Facebook accounts, LinkedIn accounts, Instagram, Pinterest WordPress, Diigo, Delicious, all the different accounts out there. Even if they’re third-party accounts that really have nothing to do with your marketing campaign, this is a place where you can keep track of all that so that something happens to your computer you have access to it through our account wallet.

Our Website Rotator works within our groups and people join into the group you can set that rotator up so that if they’re working and collaborating on a job you can have a common link that rotates accordingly to the people in the group. Along with that, we have tiny URLs. I’m sure you know what those are.

Our Groups

Speaking of groups, Markethive groups have an attendance monitor that’s really nice to know. Unlike any other groups out there in our group system you can see what the rating is of every member in there, how often do they log in, do they publish blogs, have they made comments into the newsfeed, have they updated their profile page, all that stuff gives them a ranking of ABCD or F so you can weed out the people who join your group, who don’t do anything.

The Markethive group system also has a self-replication system. So, in there as an admin, you can create capture pages, you can create survey pages, widgets autoresponders and assign those into that group, so any member that joins that group clicks on that capture page, clicks on those autoresponders, clicks on any of those things and it’s customized for them because of the nature of the database you can do this. This is an easy thing to do. So you could go into a group and create a set of capture pages, rotators, surveys, customize PDFs, business cards, Flyers, postcards, group blogs so you can collaborate and all of you can be contributing to the blogging platform. Our groups make it a very collaborative system and to be able to leverage incredible success.

Our Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our highest priority when you join Markethive, a social/marketing network.  Permissions and privacy are your rights. You control them.

You own your personal information and content. It is explicitly not ours.
You will never receive a targeted advertisement or 3rd party content based on what you do or say online. We think it is unethical.
You see every post in timeline order from your friends, family and groups.
We do not manipulate, filter or change the order of your content or what you see. Permissions and privacy are your rights. You control them.
You control who can access your content.
You control what, if anything, others can see in member searches.
We’re a private network. That means we do not track or profile you.
Your privacy means that we do not share your personal information with anyone.
Your ‘likes’ and ‘loves’ are for you and your friends. We do not monitor or mine your data.
Your face is your business. We do not use facial recognition technology.
You have the right to delete your account and take your content with you at any time.
We do not store or archive our logs.

Markethive is also in the process of moving the network to the Blockchain which adds even more security in the long term.

You’ve heard me talk about that previously no locks, no data storage, no tracking, no cookies, know your customer Doc’s are stored on your wallet and we have a delete button. It’s called a nuke button. It doesn’t mean that you’re suspending your account. When you click on our nuke button you completely and totally delete all traces of anything and everything you did in Markethive from the very beginning. It completely, totally, deletes it. I want you to understand that we do not keep it. We do not put it into our archives. You push that delete button you never existed with Markethive. True privacy. We don’t sell your data to anybody, either and we don’t let anybody data-mine us.

Our Marketplace

Markethive has a market network just like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Freelancer, is similar to that. It’s built for entrepreneurs to sell their services. It’s integrated into our social network and it’s empowered with our valuable proprietary tools. Markethive is a marketplace, a network and a workflow.

Our Wallet 

is also extremely proprietary and very innovative. It’s an encrypted private messaging system. If you’ve ever used Skype or Telegram or some of the others, similar to those except it operates strictly peer-to-peer on the blockchain. That means your messaging with anybody else within the system, it’s completely and totally encrypted through the blockchain. It’s like super VPN and nobody can listen to you, spy agencies can’t get in to listen to your conversations and neither can government’s, there’s no backdoor. It is completely and totally anonymous and autonomous.

We have a coin wallet and exchange key. What that means is all of the coins that you earn in Markethive automatically go into your wallet. You can convert Markethive coin into Bitcoin, Etherum or anything else that you want. It’s also hooked into our exchange. Markethive has its own Exchange. Your wallet can reflect and collaborate between the exchange and your wallet so they keep track of it, they keep each other updated.

We have a know your customer key. In other words, like I was saying, you upload your government ID, your passport, your selfie, it gets approved and then it gets encrypted and put on the wallet and then when you download that wallet you’re the only one that has access to all that private information. We don’t.

What we do have is a key. You got a key now on your wallet so every time you do anything a Markethive it’s going to ask for your 2FA login security key.  It’s gonna know where to send it because of knowing your customer key.  This keeps your system extremely secure. Any time you move money or any time you log in or do anything of that nature you must prove who you are through the wallet.

Markethive Universal Income

Our Micro Payment System

We also have a micro-payment system if you’re familiar with faucets in the crypto arena which a faucet is a website that you go to and you’ll answer some questions, you solve a security CAPTCHA, you put in your Bitcoin or your Ethereum wallet address, you punch a button and it sends you a couple of so you know 10 20 50 100 200 Satoshi’s. Well those are called micro-payments the way our system works is that everything you do in Markethive, we pay you micro -payments, you make a capture page you get paid micro-payments, you make a group, you get paid, you publish to the news feed, you get paid, you comment to the newsfeed, you get paid, you create a blog, you get paid, people subscribe to it, you get paid, but you must refer three to activate this system, so whether you upgrade to entrepreneur or not, is irrelevant. If you sign up into Markethive you want to activate the micro payments you must refer three people and this can easily develop a lifetime income for you this is better than faucets because you can concentrate all your energy into Markethive. So what’s happening is you’re actually building experience and you’re building a sphere of influence your building leads and you’re building a business and getting paid to do it. There’s one exception to this, the tutorial system does not require referring three to activate. The tutorial system will pay you for taking the tutorials right off the get-go.

Our Profile Page

You get a profile page. We talked about this earlier. It captures associate level quality customers when you upgrade to entrepreneur. The profile page includes images, videos, blog posts, resume, social networks and links hub and by referring three people it activates the universal income (micro-payments) and it will receive 100% matching coin from all direct registrations via infinity airdrop campaigns when you upgrade to entrepreneur.

So, that is what you get for being a FREE Member of Markethive.

The amazing thing about Markethive is that it is TOTALLY FREE to join and to use the system – click the image below to join:  

Markethive - Join us no cost and be eligible to receive 500 Markethive crypto coins in our upcoming Airdrop


Are you spinning? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Markethive will become! I look forward to having you on the team. This is a brave new world and we are at the forefront of the wave.  It is exciting times.

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