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List building

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UDIMI - Solo Ads

You need to build your own list by getting traffic to opt into your LCP’s.  To begin you can spend say $50 a week on getting a 100 or so clicks onto your chosen LCP and increase this as you earn income.   With UDIMI you get a referral commission of 15% on what those you refer spend on purchasing solo ads and you can use this income to purchase leads or traffic within the UDIMI system.

Royaltie Gem - Proximity Marketing

Get a 140 character message and your link out to the notification section of any Android based mobile phone within 90m from your Royaltie Gem. Their Bluetooth and Location settings must be on and it functions with Google Nearby. On average an Android user accesses their Notifications menue by swiping down on their device about every 12 minutes, so your message should reach about 30% of all Android users.