Start-up Income

We have a cash / income generator where you can start with only $5 and then use this to cycle or leverage up to different pay levels. Once you cycle, you have enough money to re-enter the same level, enter the next higher level and to keep a profit. Those you introduce follow you and are linked to you for life. You can start at the $5 and then the higher levels at the same time, just get those you introduce to do the same or start low and make the time to duplicate shorter, a week should be more than enough.

The start links are:

$5 level:

$10 level:

$25 level:

Nice diagram to see how the different levels and re-entry work (the $5 Fresh Start & $10 Kick Start levels work the same):

You will also need a autoresponder where you set up a Form to capture your lead information and set up automated follow-up messages.  You can refer prospects directly to your Lead Capture Page (LCP) or to your website and then they can get basic information and then go onto your LCP.   If you join Ultimate Cycler and you upgraded to or started at the $25 once-off level, you can upgrade to the once-off Lifetime Upgrade of $10 and pay no further upgrade fees to the further levels as you progress, but you also get FREE access to the Genius Marketing Pro system where you can build LCP’s and marketing funnels and get a lot of marketing tools including a built-in autoresponder.  This is great value, as a Genius Marketing Pro account on it’s own will cost you $47.  Ultimate Cycler is further great value as they also offer a free UC Training Course with a 7 week Success Plan and very professional and effective step by step training videos.

To start with the $5 or $10 levels you need to obtain Bitcoin – see our Passive page for options in this regard.