Power Mining Pool

This is my personal website to provide further training and updates – please visit my official marketing page to see the basic information on this incredible opportunity: https://www.powerminingpool.com/index.php?ref=big5

No guarantee of income is provided and we are not giving investment advice!

This is an awesome opportunity to grow your passive income profile where you can start small and compound to a larger passive income. 

You open your FREE account and can then decide how many 50 Euro Shares you want to purchase.   Your once-off administration fee of 5 Euros is included in your first Share purchase.  Say you want to start with only 1 share, you will pay 55 Euros in Bitcoin.

Each share pays out 70 Euros – this is your capital returned plus 40% profit!

You then receive income from the crypto mining of the top 7 coins in your portfolio that is mined automatically and on your behalf.  I works out to around 0.06 to 0.07 Euros every 3 hours per share or about 15 Euros per month.   It should therefore take about 4.6 months to get to 70 Euros, but we compound by purchasing more shares as soon as you have 50 Euros available, which should be about every 3.3 months on 1 Share.  If you have say 4 Shares, you would earn around 60 Euros per month and purchase one additional Share from your income every month.

Once you have compounded to 100 Shares, you should be able to purchase 1 additional Share per day (30 per month) or say draw 50% or about 750 Euros (about R11 000 per month) and still grow your share portfolio with 15 shares per month!

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