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Our approach is to diversify our investment portfolio in order to minimize risk. We therefore have several programs that we recommend that have a proven track record and where we have invested our own funds and where we have personally earned income and have withdrawn funds.

The investment platforms we recommend are all higher risk and offer very good returns.   There are safer more long term investment platforms that also offer a larger return than saving on a fixed deposit at a bank with lower risk.  As with all investments, there are risk and we do not offer any financial advise or guarantees.  We therefore strongly advise that you only use discretionary income that you can risk to lose, but at the same time stand to gain considerably.    With the exception of Royal Dragon Traders, all other investment platforms are medium risk for the medium to long investment term.

With investments, the higher the risk, the greater the reward.  We believe in a good return at a calculated risk.

The basic principal we recommend is to start small and with what you feel comfortable with and then use your profits to invest and diversify into other investment platforms.

They all offer referral commissions, however referring is optional and not required to earn.  It is free to participate in the referral programs of all these recommended investment platforms.

You will need Bitcoins to invest in most of the opportunities we recommend and there are several available options:


Luno is a very secure and easy way to obtain Bitcoin.  You buy and sell Bitcoin to Luno and it is customized for our South African market.

You open your free account / wallet with Luno, then you need to confirm your cellular number (they send you a 4 digit code that you enter in) and you need to upload your ID that they need to verify before you can buy Bitcoin.     You basically follow the same procedure to open your free AGAM account and can upload your ID and confirm your email address and cellular number and upload your proof of residence – it is a bit involved and you can do this at a later stage.

You then choose the investment you want to purchase and go through the process selecting payment by Bitcoin.  They will give you a Bitcoin address and the Bitcoin  amount – save this in your Notepad.  Now you need to purchase the required Bitcoin.

You then fund your Luno wallet by EFT from your local bank account to purchase the amount of bitcoin you need to purchase.   You can then just sent the Bitcoin to fund any of the two options above – each option above will give you a Bitcoin address (a long number & letter chain) that you must copy and paste into Luno to send it to that wallet.

You can also transfer Bitcoin to this wallet and transfer it by selling the Bitcoin to Luno and they pay the money in Rands into your local bank account that you have linked with them.  It is really safe and easy.

Go to to open your wallet for FREE.

Coin Mama:

Coin Mama is just as easy and you use your debit or credit card to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum  (ETH) – you also copy the Bitcoin address of the option above where you want to fund (AGAM is only BTC): 

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

It is also very easy and you are buying Bitcoins from the market and the pricing will differ – you need to look for the cheapest and also a secure or rated supplier and purchase by EFT from your local bank account.  Once paid the supplier will transfer the Bitcoin into your wallet and you transfer it from this wallet to the option you want to fund:

Advanced Cash (AdvCash):

You can also use Advanced Cash (AvdCash) for funding some of the opportunities: