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Probably the easiest and lowest cost route to get into Bitcoin growth and to get a return of 40% per BTC Package over on average a 7 month period (about 140 business days),  that is 1% on average per day or 5% per 5 day trading week.   It is easy to purchase additional BTC Packages, as each unit has a 50 Euro (about R845) base rate that is converted to Bitcoin and payable in Bitcoin.   You can then acquire additional BTC Packages at a consistent 50 Euros and your Bitcoin income and growth can be withdrawn daily or re-invested automatically or manually as soon as you have Bitcoin in your wallet that equals 50 Euros.


In order to grow your investment, 155 BTC Packs are recommended before any drawings, therefore start by just re-investing until you have 155 BTC Packs.

If you are an active re-seller introducing others, you can use the 60/40 method, but if not sponsoring, use the 70/30 method – 70% re-investing and 30% drawing.

At 70/30:

  • 155 Packages = $25 per work day or $500 per month (about R7 255)
  • 610 Packages = $100 per work day or $2 000 per month (about R29 000)
  • 1 520 Packages = $250 per work day or $5 000 per month (about R72 000)
  • 2 550 Packages = $240 per work day or $8 400 per month (about R121 000)

 At 60/40:

  • 170 Packages = $37 per work day or $740 per month (about R10 800)
  • 455 Packages = $100 per work day or $2 000 per month (about R29 000)
  • 1 145 Packages = $250 per work day or $5 000 per month (about R72 000)
  • 1 910 Packages = $240 per work day or $8 400 per month (about R121 000)

How easy is it to get more than 155 BTC Packs?

To get to more than 155 BTC Packs is easy – start with 1 at 50 Euro (about R845) and purchase 1 per month for about 11 months (therefore 12 in total – total invested 600 Euro or about R10 000) – in 1.5 years you will have 180 BTC  and a 30% drawing and 70% re-investment will earn more than $740 or R10 800 per month that will grow month on month!  A further 6 months of re-investing 70% and you will have 318 BTC packs!

If you introduce 12 like-minded people who invest and also try to purchase 12 BTC Packs as soon as possible and grow this to 150, you should reach your target in a year (6 months earlier) starting with only 1 BTC Pack and purchasing 1 per month for 11 months and you can draw 40% and re-invest 60%!

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  • New PayPlan – easier and more lucrative 12 levels to earn and easier to qualify – everyone that wants to be a re-seller will get 10% on direct referrals; to qualify for the other levels, you need to personally introduce members equaling the level’s number x 12 BTC packs – to qualify up to level 12, you therefore need 12 personally introduced members with 12 BTC Packs each – you therefore earn wide and deep up to 35% in total
  • New marketing website and tools
  • New Back Office
  • New Token Packs starting at 50 Euros for the Silver giving you 100 Tokens – a Gold Token pack at 2 500 Euro will give you 5 000 Tokens and double the amount of tokens once certain sales levels has been received & there are higher levels giving you more Tokens and doubling more times – this will give you our own Tech Coin once launched backed by our industry leading technology in cryptocurrency mining and automated Forex investing.  You get commissions on Token Packs sold in line with your Token Pack for the levels you are qualified up to 12 levels down. 1 Billion Tokens are available to members only and once all is sold – they will list on our own Cryptocurrency Exchange and others.  See more on the value of our Tech Coin and the technology backing it.
  • New Forex Packs coming soon, starting at 50 Euros
  • Industry leader & we are in the forefront in crypto currency & mining: during December 2017 will have 1% of all BTC production (hash rate) and already have 2.5% of Ethereum (ETH) production or hash rate – can be seen as our Blockchain entries have our identity – mining advances in low power and heat converted into power makes our mining the most productive and affordable in the world – we are the only mining company to use this patented technology – we have invested $70 million in mining equipment and more than $20 million is invested monthly
  • Branded Blockchain to provide proof of mining, faster transactions & transparency
  • Our own Bitcoin ATM’s – 3 million in production for world-wide deployment – members can purchase a branded Bitcoin ATM’s that have our marketing material programmed with the member’s username
  • We will soon have it’s own Cryptocurrency Exchange – currently 450 000 members – early 2018 estimated 1 million members
  • New Logo etc, marketing tools
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to its full extent in mining to focus on best currency to mine and our Forex trading to identify trading trends
  • Credit or Debit card purchases, making it easier to get started