Welcome to Passive Profits!

Our Objective:

Passive Profits is all about generating a legal Passive Residual Income (PRI) by leveraging off various income generating platforms to firstly build up a start-up income by investing a small amount and then using this as start-up capital to invest in your own income generating asset.

The main idea here is to move paying your monthly ongoing expenses from active income to paying it from passive income and to maximize your PRI to cover your monthly expenses (and to minimize these). Slowly start using your active income to invest in income generating assets.

Most of our opportunities are Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency based, as we believe that you need to secure your passive income and safeguard it against deflation and bank costs.  We want to build a passive ongoing or residual income that can continue irrespective of where you locate to and independent of you country’s specific economic or political climate.

Our Approach:

We believe that you should set aside an amount that you are comfortable with to start building your passive income.  You can set aside a once-off amount or build up your passive investment profile monthly from your active income.  The idea is to move funds from your active income source to your passive income producing asset and then to pay your monthly or ongoing expenses from your passive income source and re-invest to grow your passive income at the same time.   You should further diversify into different passive income producing assets to ensure longevity and to spread your risks.  Once you have some decent profits save some in gold (see the Save page).

Active Income => Passive Income Producing Asset or Investment => pay Ongoing Expenses (draw from your investments to cover your ongoing expenses, but not more than 50% so that you can re-invest and compound your investment).  Once you have freed up some of your active income, you can invest more and the draw more from your investment income to pay all your ongoing expenses.  The approach is to move paying your ongoing expenses (that you should minimise as far as possible) from you investment income or passive profits and free up more active income to save and invest.  If you should then lose your active income, your passive income is set up, as you have created wealth.  You can then also retire with peace of mind.

You can just invest (even if you have a limited budget) or you can introduce others to get more income to invest.

If you just want to invest, you can start by joining any of the programs we list on the Passive page.   You can join all programs we promote totally FREE and see what they are about at your own pace.    You can re-invest your profits to compound your investment, add funds monthly to grow this or draw some of your profits to pay your ongoing expenses and free up more of your active income to invest.  There are no joining fees, monthly fees or any administration fees and you can leverage all your allocated money to earn a passive residual income.

If you want to refer others to earn more income to invest passively, you can use the tools provided on the Leads page.

See the Passive page for options to get Bitcoin so that you can start with the passive programs.



Click on “Passive” above to see the drop-down menu and to have a look at the different investment platforms we are investing in.


No guarantee of income is provided and we are not giving investment advice!  The information provided is our personal understanding and NOT the official company website or information.  We supply you with the company website links to verify all the company information yourself.

My Company Website with information: https://swigroup.org/99gJ

Short YouTube video that explains all: https://youtu.be/ASTkUNAiIt8

More detail about the income:  https://youtu.be/p2BtmrmpQmE

Register at no cost (you can complete the KYC and sign the agreements later) – you can use your Drivers Licence with photo if you do not have a Passport.

Latest Webinar (only 18 minutes & very good):

Getting started with IEPI courses & Pre-IPO Equity
Shares in Sky Way (the Bonus):

Don’t Miss this Ground-Breaking Opportunity.
The Bonus Pre-IPO Equity Shares in Sky Way,
their ground-breaking transport technology
that will be listed on the London Stock
Exchange within the next 2 – 3 years
(estimated share value of $40) and dividends
in the world-wide project income is nearing the end.

There will then only be pre-IPO’s offered as bonuses
in the various country projects and other Crowd Funding

=> Start at NO COST by registering:

You get paid a referral commission on 3 levels
Being 8% on directs, 7% on indirects and 3%
on those they refer.  No pre-IPO’s or PIPES.

=> Start with a little as $10 over 10 months:
Register free and get an EIPI Starter
education pack from as little as $10 over 10
months = $100 and the Bonus 500 Sky Way pre-IPO
equity shares or PIPES.

=> Invest $200 and get 2 doing the same:
I registered as a Partner and took the EIPI Optimal
course at $50 for 10 months = $500 that gives me
17 500 pre-IPO’s.  You can pay in advance and once
you have paid $200 and you have 2 people you directly
introduced that do the same, You will be an Agent and
will earn on 4 levels being 8% direct, 7% indirect, 4%
on 3rd level and 3% on 4th!

At $40 this would amount to $700 000 and you get the
immediate income from EIPI course sales.  No monthly
auto ship, targets or other costs to earn 8% on
direct sales, 7% on indirect and 3% on your 3rd level.

This is only the start of the immediate commission
income you can earn!

Even at a $1 PAR share vale the shares based on the
current value of Sky Way assets and patents etc of
$400 billion, you would have shares to the value of
$17 500 for which you only paid $500 over 10 months.

Why you will most likely not sell your shares:

SkyWay Stage 12 Potential Dividends Per Pack

Where are we now?

The project has been divided into 15 stages and we are now in stage 12.

Advancing to subsequent stages is based on a combination of funding
achieved and technological advancement. A testing and demonstration
line is nearing completion at SkyWay EcoTechnoPark near Maryina, Gorka
in Belarus. Several countries such as Australia, India, Ethiopia, Indonesia,
Malaysia and many others have expressed serious interest and a few have
even placed pre-orders.

This revolutionary technology will provide rapid transit to people and goods
all over the world at significantly lower cost. It is also energy efficient and
eco-friendly thus reducing our carbon imprint. Over 37 years of painstaking
research and development by Mr. Anatoly Yunitskiy and his team of scientists
and engineers has produced a marvel that is futuristic and revolutionary.

Certification of the technology has been completed and in my opinion many
orders from several countries will come upon its successful completion.


There is a webinar every Wednesday evening at 21h00 SAST:

Andrew Hawkes from Australia:

Further info in Adobe PDF format:

SkyWay vs. Other:

Eco Techno Park:

SkyWay Booklet:

SkyWay Presentation:

SkyWay Marketing Plan:

SkyWay Business Plan:

Other Bitcoin based opportunities:

Please note:

All opportunities are totally free to explore and you can open a totally free account.  There are no monthly fees or website fees and also no requirement to introduce others.  You can introduce others by using your unique referral link once you have opened your FREE account and even earn referral income.  You can then use this referral income to invest, if you do not have funds of your own.  You have nothing to loose and only risk what you invest.  Do not invest more than you are comfortable to risk loosing.

Our approach is to diversify our investment portfolio in order to minimize risk. We therefore have several programs that we recommend that have a proven track record and where we have invested our own funds and where we have personally earned income and have withdrawn funds.

The investment platforms we recommend are all higher risk and offer very good returns.   There are safer more long term investment platforms that also offer a larger return than saving on a fixed deposit at a bank with lower risk.  As with all investments, there are risk and we do not offer any financial advise or guarantees.  We therefore strongly advise that you only use discretionary income that you can risk to lose, but at the same time stand to gain considerably.

With investments, the higher the risk, the greater the reward.  We believe in a good return at a calculated risk.

The basic principal we recommend is to start small and with what you feel comfortable with and then use your profits to invest and diversify into other investment platforms.

They all offer referral commissions, however referring is optional and not required to earn.  It is free to participate in the referral programs of all these recommended investment platforms.

You will need Bitcoins to invest in most of the opportunities we recommend and there are several available options:


Luno is a very secure and easy way to obtain Bitcoin.  You buy and sell Bitcoin to Luno and it is customized for our South African market.

You open your free account / wallet with Luno, then you need to confirm your cellular number (they send you a 4 digit code that you enter in) and you need to upload your ID that they need to verify before you can buy Bitcoin.     You basically follow the same procedure to open your free AGAM account and can upload your ID and confirm your email address and cellular number and upload your proof of residence – it is a bit involved and you can do this at a later stage.

You then choose the investment you want to purchase and go through the process selecting payment by Bitcoin.  They will give you a Bitcoin address and the Bitcoin  amount – save this in your Notepad.  Now you need to purchase the required Bitcoin.

You then fund your Luno wallet by EFT from your local bank account to purchase the amount of bitcoin you need to purchase.   You can then just sent the Bitcoin to fund any of the two options above – each option above will give you a Bitcoin address (a long number & letter chain) that you must copy and paste into Luno to send it to that wallet.

You can also transfer Bitcoin to this wallet and transfer it by selling the Bitcoin to Luno and they pay the money in Rands into your local bank account that you have linked with them.  It is really safe and easy.

Go to www.luno.com to open your wallet for FREE.

Further info:

To start it is advised to at least verify your cellular phone number (Level 1) so that you can deposit or withdraw up to R15 000 over time.   To increase this to R50 000, you need to upload your ID (Level 2) and for no limit, you need to upload Proof of Residence.

How to sign up for a free Luno wallet:


How do I buy or sell digital currency?


Buying through the Exchange is slightly more complicated, but you save on fees and can get a much better deal – it is the best way.  Take a few extra minutes to read up on how the LUNO Exchange work:


Coin Mama:

Coin Mama is just as easy and you use your debit or credit card to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum  (ETH) – you also copy the Bitcoin address of the option above where you want to fund (AGAM is only BTC):

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card


It is also very easy and you are buying Bitcoins from the market and the pricing will differ – you need to look for the cheapest and also a secure or rated supplier and purchase by EFT from your local bank account.  Once paid the supplier will transfer the Bitcoin into your LocalBitCoins.com wallet and you transfer it from this wallet to the option you want to fund:


BTC Packs

Earn with BTC Packs 

This is my personal website to provide further training and updates – please visit my official marketing page to see the basic information on this incredible opportunity:  https://big5.usitech-int.com

No guarantee of income is provided and we are not giving investment advice!

Probably the easiest and lowest cost route to get into Bitcoin growth and to get a return of 40% per BTC Package over on average a 7 month period (about 140 business days),  that is 1% on average per day or 5% per 5 day trading week.   It is easy to purchase additional BTC Packages, as each unit has a 50 Euro (about R845) base rate that is converted to Bitcoin and payable in Bitcoin.   You can then acquire additional BTC Packages at a consistent 50 Euros and your Bitcoin income and growth can be withdrawn daily or re-invested automatically or manually as soon as you have Bitcoin in your wallet that equals 50 Euros.


In order to grow your investment, 155 BTC Packs are recommended before any drawings, therefore start by just re-investing until you have 155 BTC Packs.

If you are an active re-seller introducing others, you can use the 60/40 method, but if not sponsoring, use the 70/30 method – 70% re-investing and 30% drawing.

At 70/30:

  • 155 Packages = $25 per work day or $500 per month (about R7 255)
  • 610 Packages = $100 per work day or $2 000 per month (about R29 000)
  • 1 520 Packages = $250 per work day or $5 000 per month (about R72 000)
  • 2 550 Packages = $240 per work day or $8 400 per month (about R121 000)

 At 60/40:

  • 170 Packages = $37 per work day or $740 per month (about R10 800)
  • 455 Packages = $100 per work day or $2 000 per month (about R29 000)
  • 1 145 Packages = $250 per work day or $5 000 per month (about R72 000)
  • 1 910 Packages = $240 per work day or $8 400 per month (about R121 000)

How easy is it to get more than 155 BTC Packs?

To get to more than 155 BTC Packs is easy – start with 1 at 50 Euro (about R845) and purchase 1 per month for about 11 months (therefore 12 in total – total invested 600 Euro or about R10 000) – in 1.5 years you will have 180 BTC  and a 30% drawing and 70% re-investment will earn more than $740 or R10 800 per month that will grow month on month!  A further 6 months of re-investing 70% and you will have 318 BTC packs!

If you introduce 12 like-minded people who invest and also try to purchase 12 BTC Packs as soon as possible and grow this to 150, you should reach your target in a year (6 months earlier) starting with only 1 BTC Pack and purchasing 1 per month for 11 months and you can draw 40% and re-invest 60%!

There is a very detailed calculator and further information at:


You can join by registering above (check your spam folders) or from my main page at http://big5.btc-package.com/usi-tech/english – you get the same awesome, easy to duplicate system.


You can also join and register directly on my company replicated website:

Getting Started:

First Steps to Succeed with us:

More on how the USI Tech BTC Packs work:

Join now by opening your free account:

NEW developments

Please see the exciting new updates and why you should seriously consider to get started:

My new official marketing site:  https://big5.usitech-int.com

  • New PayPlan – easier and more lucrative 12 levels to earn and easier to qualify – everyone that wants to be a re-seller will get 10% on direct referrals; to qualify for the other levels, you need to personally introduce members equaling the level’s number x 12 BTC packs – to qualify up to level 12, you therefore need 12 personally introduced members with 12 BTC Packs each – you therefore earn wide and deep up to 35% in total
  • New marketing website and tools
  • New Back Office
  • New Token Packs starting at 50 Euros for the Silver giving you 100 Tokens – a Gold Token pack at 2 500 Euro will give you 5 000 Tokens and double the amount of tokens once certain sales levels has been received & there are higher levels giving you more Tokens and doubling more times – this will give you our own Tech Coin once launched backed by our industry leading technology in cryptocurrency mining and automated Forex investing.  You get commissions on Token Packs sold in line with your Token Pack for the levels you are qualified up to 12 levels down. 1 Billion Tokens are available to members only and once all is sold – they will list on our own Cryptocurrency Exchange and others.  See more on the value of our Tech Coin and the technology backing it.
  • New Forex Packs coming soon, starting at 50 Euros
  • Industry leader & we are in the forefront in crypto currency & mining: during December 2017 will have 1% of all BTC production (hash rate) and already have 2.5% of Ethereum (ETH) production or hash rate – can be seen as our Blockchain entries have our identity – mining advances in low power and heat converted into power makes our mining the most productive and affordable in the world – we are the only mining company to use this patented technology – we have invested $70 million in mining equipment and more than $20 million is invested monthly
  • Branded Blockchain to provide proof of mining, faster transactions & transparency
  • Our own Bitcoin ATM’s – 3 million in production for world-wide deployment – members can purchase a branded Bitcoin ATM’s that have our marketing material programmed with the member’s username
  • We will soon have it’s own Cryptocurrency Exchange – currently 450 000 members – early 2018 estimated 1 million members
  • New Logo etc, marketing tools
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to its full extent in mining to focus on best currency to mine and our Forex trading to identify trading trends
  • Credit or Debit card purchases, making it easier to get started


Watch this 7 minute video for a full background:

 How income is earned:

We need to convert about 5 – 25% of our cash into gold that is inflation resistant and still fully liquid.  There is a company called Karatbars International that has their own gold mine, refinery and mint and therefore they control the entire production process and can pass the profits on to us.

You also join at absolutely no cost and can refer others and earn from their gold purchases.

They have a very unique credit card sized card that they encase the gold bullion into from as small as 0.5 grams and that has a lot of security features and can be easily liquidated to cash in any currency.  They also store it for you at no cost and can ship it to you if you want.


15 Fundamental Reasons to Own Gold

1. Global Currency Debasement
The U.S. dollar is fundamentally and technically very weak and should fall dramatically over the next few years. However, other countries are very reluctant to see their currencies appreciate and are resisting the fall of the U.S. dollar. Thus, we are in the early stages of a massive global currency debasement which will see tangibles, and most particularly gold, rise significantly in price.

2. Rising Investment Demand
When the crowd recognizes what is unfolding, they will seek an alternative to paper currencies and financial assets and this will create an enormous investment demand for gold. Own both the physical metal and select mining shares.

3. Alarming Financial Deterioration in the U.S.
In the space of two years, the federal government budget surplus has been transformed into a yawning deficit, which will persist as far as the eye can see. At the same time, the current account deficit has reached levels, which has portended currency collapse in virtually every other instance in history.

4. Negative Real Interest Rates in Reserve Currency (U.S. Dollar)
To combat the deteriorating financial conditions in the U.S., interest rates have been dropped to rock bottom levels, real interest rates are now negative and, according to statements from the Fed spokesmen, are expected to remain so for some time. There has been a very strong historical relationship between negative real interest rates and stronger gold prices.

5. Dramatic Increases in Money Supply in the US and Other Nations
Authorities are terrified about the prospects for deflation given the unprecedented debt burden at all levels of society in the U.S. Fed Governor Ben Bernanke is on record as saying the Fed has a printing press and will use it to combat deflation if necessary. Other nations are following in the U.S.’s footsteps and global money supply is accelerating. This is very gold friendly.

6. Existence of a Huge and Growing Gap between Mine Supply and Traditional Demand
Mined gold is roughly 2,500 tons per year and traditional demand (jewelry, industrial users, etc.) has exceeded this by a considerable margin for a number of years. Some of this gap has been filled by recycled scrap but central bank gold has been the primary source of above-ground supply.

7. Mine Supply is Anticipated to Decline in the next Three to Four Years.
Even if traditional demand continues to erode due to ongoing worldwide economic weakness, the supply/demand imbalance is expected to persist due to a decline in mine supply. Mine supply will contract in the next several years, irrespective of gold prices, due to a dearth of exploration in the post Bre-X era, a shift away from high grading which was necessary for survival in the sub-economic gold price environment of the past five years and the natural exhaustion of existing mines.

8. Large Short Positions
To fill the gap between mine supply and demand, Central Bank gold has been mobilized primarily through the leasing mechanism, which facilitated producer hedging and financial speculation. Strong evidence suggests that between 10,000 and 16,000 tons (30-50% of all Central Bank gold) is currently in the market. This is owed to the Central Banks by the bullion banks, which are the counter party in the transactions.

9. Low Interest Rates Discourage Hedging
Rates are low and falling. With low rates, there isn’t sufficient contango (when the futures price is above the expected future spot price. Consequently, the price will decline to the spot price before the delivery date)  to create higher prices in the out years. Thus there is little incentive to hedge and gold producers are not only not hedging, they are reducing their existing hedge positions, thus removing gold from the market.

10. Rising Gold Prices and Low Interest Rates Discourage Financial Speculation on the Short Side.
When gold prices were continuously falling and financial speculators could access Central Bank gold at a minimal leasing rate (0.5 – 1% per year), sell it and reinvest the proceeds in a high yielding bond or Treasury bill, the trade was viewed as a lay-up. Everyone did it and now there are numerous stale short positions. However, these trades now make no sense with a rising gold price and declining interest rates.

11. The Central Banks are at an Inflection Point when they will be Reluctant to Provide more Gold
The Central Banks have supplied too much already via the leasing mechanism. In addition, Far Eastern Central Banks who are accumulating enormous quantities of U.S. Dollars are rumored to be buyers of gold to diversify away from the U.S. Dollar.

12. Gold is Increasing in Popularity
Gold is seen in a much more positive light in countries beginning to come to the forefront on the world scene. Prominent developing countries such as China, India and Russia have been accumulating gold. In fact, China with its 1.3 billion people recently established a National Gold Exchange and relaxed control over the asset. Demand in China is expected to rise sharply and could reach 500 tons in the next few years.

13. Gold as Money is Gaining Credence
Islamic nations are investigating a currency backed by gold (the Gold Dinar), the new President of Argentina proposed, during his campaign, a gold backed peso as an antidote for the financial catastrophe which his country has experienced and Russia is talking about a fully convertible currency with gold backing.

14. Rising Geopolitical Tensions
The deteriorating conditions in the Middle East, the U.S. occupation of Iraq, the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and the growing conflict between the U.S. and China due to China’s refusal to allow its currency to appreciate against the U.S. dollar headline the geopolitical issues, which could explode at anytime. A fearful public has a tendency to gravitate towards gold.

15. Limited Size of the Total Gold Market Provides Tremendous Leverage
All the physical gold in existence is worth somewhat more than $1 trillion U.S. Dollars while the value of all the publicly traded gold companies in the world is less than $100 billion US dollars. When the fundamentals ultimately encourage a strong flow of capital towards gold and gold equities, the trillions upon trillions worth of paper money could propel both to unfathomably high levels.

Gold is under-valued, under-owned and under-appreciated. It is most assuredly not well understood by most investors. At the beginning of the 1970’s when gold was about to undertake its historic move from $35 to $800 per ounce in the succeeding ten years, the same observations would have been valid. The only difference this time is that the fundamentals for gold are actually better.

You can read the interesting article about the Importance of Gold as can be seen from the immanent economic meltdown in Greece from our Upline in Canada, Catherine Parker, who was born in Cape Town after her parents immigrated from Greece.

Once you decide to join – all FREE and will always be FREE to refer others and with absolutely no obligations or financial commitments, click HERE or the image below:


Marketing Systems – Capturing and emailing leads:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:

We strongly recommend the Power Lead System (PLS) by Priceless Possibilities:  http://www.mytopfunnel.com/PassiveProfits

There are a few options here of which the two main options are:

The complete marketing system where you can create lead capture pages, sales funnels and landing pages for any business with several ready made campaigns.  This is their Gold System at $53.97 per month.  You will get the upgrade options as you go through the $7 Lead Lightning sign-up system after you have entered your payment information.  If you upgrade to a higher option, you will only be charged for this and it would include the other lower systems.

The other option is to just sign up for the Lead Lightning System at only $7 once-off for life.  It is limited in that you market the Lead Lightning System at $7, however you will get $6 commission for every sale and more as they upgrade.  You can add your own business in that will be promoted on the follow-up emails with the Lead Lightning System.  This is the best $7 you will ever spend and you can upgrade if and when you are ready!

Get started here:

Option 4:

In order to generate leads, you need a Lead Capture Page (LCP).

The easiest way to do this is to use or get your own domain or use one where you can add sub-directories.  To get a domain with affordable hosting, you can visit:


Then you load WordPress onto this website.  This is available from your C-Panel in your hosting account.

You can then set up a website using the current WordPress TwentySeventeen theme or any theme you like.  To set up your LCP‘s you create new pages and you use a WordPress PlugIn called Elementor.  This is a free, very easy and basic editor in WordPress where you can create nice LCP‘s that is uncluttered and mobile friendly.   See this video:

You will also need a autoresponder where you set up a Form to capture your lead information and set up automated follow-up messages.  You past the Form script into your Elementor page and then you are good to go.  You can refer prospects directly to your LCP or to your website and then they can get basic information and then go onto your LCP.

If you joined Ultimate Cycler and you upgraded to or started at the $25 once-off level, you can upgrade to the once-off Lifetime Upgrade of $10 and pay no further upgrade fees to the further levels as you progress, but you also get FREE access to the Genius Marketing Pro system where you can build LCP’s and marketing funnels and get a lot of marketing tools including a built-in autoresponder.  This is great value, as a Genius Marketing Pro account on it’s own will cost you $47.  Ultimate Cycler is further great value as they also offer a free UC Training Course with a 7 week Success Plan and very professional and effective step by step training videos.

The next step is to get leads

I use two options here, being Global Money Line and UDIMI for Solo Ads:

Global Money Line

You can join FREE and generate leads.  I would however strongly recommend you upgrade to at least the Bronze Package at a one-time $20 so that you can grow your list faster and also earn:

Join here:  http://passiveprofits.globalmoneyline.com


You need to build your own list by getting traffic to opt into your LCP’s.  To begin you can spend say $50 a week on getting a 100 or so clicks onto your chosen LCP and increase this as you earn income.   With UDIMI you get a referral commission of 15% on what those you refer spend on purchasing solo ads and you can use this income to purchase leads or traffic within the UDIMI system.

Join UDIMI here: https://udimi.com/a/suojf